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A simple way to more money

No previous knowledge of finance or IT required

Acquiring a trading account and installing our software is very easy and can be done quickly even if you do not have financial or PC skills. If you still have questions or problems with setting up your account, our support team will help you quickly and safely.


  1. Register with ea-trading.ch
  2. Open a trading account
  3. Choose a license
  4. Access to your EA-TRADING account
  5. Install the server (Windows und Mac)

Step by step

Follow these few steps to obtain constant profits

1. Register with ea-trading.ch

Register with ea-trading.ch and open your own account there. To do this, you must scan in your identity document and proof of residence (e.g. electricity bill in your name) and upload it in your login area. This is mandatory in Europe and is a prerequisite to get started.


2. Open a trading account

We recommend admiralmarkets.com, but you can also open another trading account of your choice. When choosing your trading account you should ensure that no commissions are incurred when trading with S&P 500.


3. Choose a license

Once your registration is complete, you should now select a subscription to ea-trading.ch and enter your credit card details. Your subscription fee will only be debited after 30 days, when the trial period ends. During the first 30 days, you can cancel the subscription at any time up to 48 hours before the end of the trial period. Just send your cancellation in writing by email indicating your license number.


4. Access your EA-TRADING account

After registration you will get access to your personal EA-TRADING account. Here is an overview of what you can expect there:

Backend navigation

Backend info


See functionalities and notifications

My subscription

Manage your subscription and download the EA-EXPERT software (if you want to trade on your own or another server). Here you will also find all details about your license.


Select other subscriptions (depending on the amount you want to invest).

My broker

View your trading account.

My server?

Set up and manage your server.

My commission scheme

Here you will get a complete overview of your referred customers from levels 1-6. Billing and mail functions are available.

Promotional material?

Banner for download with your identification. Every registration via such a banner will help you earm more rewards, which you can trade again.


Instructions for setting up the server and trading accounts


Customer contact form for questions and queries

Register now and start trading with profit.

Take advantage of the EA-TRADING software to expand your income.