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If you are convinced of the performance of the EA-TRADING software, why not share your enthusiasm with your friends and acquaintances? For each client who then purchases a software license, you will earn a commission of 15% per month of the license fee as long as the person you have referred pays the licenses with us. It gets even better than that: in addition, you will receive a commission of 7% from your clients’ referrals as well. This model continues at different rates up to level 6. To give you a better overview of the possibilities this model offers you, please see the table below.


You can’t trade yourself because you don’t have any trading capital? No problem, you can register and still earn money by recommending EA-TRADING to friends and acquaintances. More information about earning money with EA-TRADING and an exclusive e-book can be found in your back office after registration.


It’s this easy for you to boost your income at EA-TRADING without work.

Commission structure

Levels of referred customers?

Your commission?

Level 1 (you refer 1 direct customer)

15 %

Level 2 (level 1 customer refers further customers)

7 %

Level 3 (level 2 customer refers further customers)

5 %

Level 4 (level 3 customer refers further customers)

5 %

Level 5 (level 4 customer refers further customers)

4 %

Level 6 (level 5 customer refers further customers)

4 %

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