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Very beneficial for your bank account

Reliable, consistent, safe and low risk - your advantages in a nutshell.

Free trial

You can test our software for one month free of charge and calculate how much you could achieve in one year by using the daily profits.

No previous knowledge required

Also suitable for beginners in financial trading - no IT or Financial-market-knowledge required. Invest money - simply and profitably.

Minimised risk

The EA-TRADING software is checked daily by our financial experts and highly qualified programmers. We continuously work on further minimising the risks.

Safe trading

Only a max. of 35% of the trading capital is put at risk. After a short trading period you can no longer lose your invested initial capital.

You are in control

You have full control over your capital and can withdraw, split or invest higher amounts at any time.

Protected profits

Each position has a stop loss and take profit. Profits already achieved can thus be directly secured and losses limited.

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