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In this section we answer the most important questions.

We have put together a selection of questions that should help you find answers to the most relevant issues in a practical way. Here you will learn everything about the process and common questions that customers have already asked us.

What exactly is EA-TRADING?

EA-TRADING is a marketing company for the software of Expert Software Solutions GmbH in Zug, Switzerland. The EA-Experts software was developed about 15 years ago by a team of financial experts and software coders. Since then, the EA-Experts software has been trading with S&P 500 with profits as high as 30 to 45% per year.

How does the software work?

The software was developed to generate profits. No unrealistic profits, but profits that can be generated constantly over the years. The software works with stop-loss, take-profit and daily targets.

Can I change settings in the software?

You can basically change the settings of the software.

However, we strongly advise not to do so – especially Change the lot, factor profit target and the maximum loss in percent, after which we believe that risk management is no longer guaranteed.

If the software is changed, it can lead to a loss of the entire trading capital.

How secure is the software?

Safety and minimization of risks has been the main objective in the development of the software from the very beginning. To this day, we are constantly working to further minimize the risks. Currently the software automatically switches off when more than 35% of the trading capital is lost. After some time, even in the event of a major stock market crash, your initially invested capital is 100% secure.

Why do I have to start with a capital of at least 2.000 €?

Investing less than € 2,000 makes no sense on the trading markets, as the time to profit would be far too long. A trading day is subject to fluctuations, which may also result in losses. The risk that a small amount could be lost completely is too high.

What is the risk of losing all my capital?

You cannot lose all your invested capital. The software switches off automatically when a 35% loss of trading capital is reached.

Trading on finanical markets always bears an increased risk. Without risk, profits of over 45% a year are hardly possible. The EA-TRADING software is designed to minimize the risk of loss. We take great care to ensure that the software always runs correctly and switch off as soon as we notice that losses become too high – as may happen in times of crisis. For further information on stock exchange trading risks, please go to

Who has control over my investments?

You alone have control over your invested money. You open your broker account at or another platform of your choice and register there. We do not know this data and only provide you with our trading software. You alone have the option to stop trading, withdraw money or cancel your license agreement with us at any time.

If the software runs so well, why do you give it to others?

Fifteen years ago we started to earn money with our team, friends and acquaintances with the help of the EA-TRADING software. About 5 years ago we thought that we would like to share this excellent software with other people. It goes without saying that we also want to earn license fees for this successful software, in which we have invested a lot of time and money. However, the licenses are designed in such a way that your returns after deduction of fees are still above average.

Why do I have to register with an ID and proof of residence?

In trading, customers must register via the KYC system (Know your Customer). This is mandatory in Europe and is a prerequisite to get started.

Can I use the software on multiple accounts?

No, the software license is only valid for one account. You can purchase new licenses for additional accounts.

For whom is the trading software not suitable?

For trading with the EA-TRADING software you should only use risk capital. Funds you can afford to lose completely in the worst case. If you do not have risk capital you should therefore not trade. We make an effort to always keep the risk as low as possible when trading with the EA-TRADING software, but a residual risk will remain.

Inform yourself thoroughly and comprehensively about the risks involved in trading financial products.

Do you provide investment advice?

The content of this website represents neither general nor personal investment advice. The strategies presented do not constitute advice or investment services within the meaning of stock exchange legislation, and do intend to be recommendations to buy or sell any kind of securities, derivatives, indices or currency pairs.

What is the return on investment of EA-TRADING software?

The performance of the EA-TRADING software is based on events in the past and gives no guarantee for positive results in the future. Each user assumes full risk and responsibility for their own trading activities. Past performance is no indicator of future results. We do not provide financial consulting or give investment advice.

Who is liable for damage or loss?

We assume no liability for any damage or loss that may occur. When using products of Expert Software Solutions GmbH you assume the full risk and responsibility for your own trading activities.

How can I cancel my license agreement with you?

You may terminate your license agreement by giving one month’s written notice. Just write an e-mail to indicating your license number and the desired termination date.

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