Licence fees

The license fees for the software are based on the amount of your trading capital.

To trade with the software of EA-TRADING you can purchase a license. The price of the license always depends on the amount of capital you trade with. As your profits from trading increase, you can move to a higher license category. The license fees cannot be deducted from your trading capital as we do not have access to your trading account.

Only for a short time we grant a 20% discount on all selected license fees for 3 months.

License fees overview

You can start with the free 30 day demo license

Please note that the licenses are based on the amount of your trading capital. Your profits can therefore put you in a higher license category. With the demo license you have 30 days to view the EA-TRADING software and track your profits live on your account. After 30 days you will automatically be placed in the license category according to the trading capital on your account. You do not have to cancel the demo license. The demo license does not operate virtually, but with a Live Broker account. You will find more information about the licenses in your back office account after the non-binding registration.


License fees according to the amount of trading capital

Type of licence

Trading capital

Fee per month


to 50'000 €

30 days free


to 4'999 €

34 € / month


to 7'499 €

55 € / month


to 9'999 €

79 € / month


from 20'000 €

from 146 € / month


from 50'000 €

from 302 € / month


from 75'000 €

from 432 € / month


from 100'000 €

from 562 € / month

The individual license fee for your trading capital can be calculated after the non-binding and free registration
in your EA-TRADING account.


Based on the performance of the last five years, here is a calculation that shows how profits develop with the EA-TRADING software. You have the possibility to invest higher sums or withdraw your money at any time, and therefore always have the liquidity you need.

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